Colony of Natal: Pietermaritzburg Agricultural Society Award

Colony of Natal: Pietermaritzburg Agricultural Society AwardColony of Natal: Pietermaritzburg Agricultural Society Award
Form: Circular
By: Joseph Moore of Birmingham
Date: c1890
Ref:  Laidlaw: 0519;
41.1mmCopper-Bronze29.4 gm$20

Edge: Plain.

Obverse: The British Royal coat of arms with motto: “DIEU ET MON DROIT” on an ornate ribbon below. Below that, from the Natal coat of arms, a pair of wildebeests galloping to the right, mountains behind. Signed: “J. MOORE” on the truncation of the Natal arms. Legend above: “VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR.REG.F.D.” and below: “COLONY OF NATAL”.

Reverse: Within a wreath of laurel (left) and oak (right) tied at the bottom, a shield for engraving the name of the recipient. Legend: "AWARDED BY THE PIETERMARITZBURG AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY".

Notes: The obverse design, with the maker's name removed, appears on later medals; the reverse of the 1902 Edward VII Natal Coronation medals (Laidlaw 0008a, 0008b) and the obverse of Durban & Coast Society of Agriculture & Industry medals (Laidlaw 0633).

The Pietermaritzburg Agricultural Society was formed in 1851 and on 23 December of that year hosted its first show. Shows were held annually and in 1889 the Society acquired its own show grounds south of Pietermaritzburg. Shows ceased for the duration of the Boer War. After peace in 1902, its name was changed to the Agricultural Society of Natal and enlarged show grounds were built at the present location 1.5 km north of the City centre. In 1904 the Society was granted Royal status by King Edward VII. Apart from 1906, the year of the Natal Rebellion, the Royal Show has been held annually ever since. At present the Royal Show is held over 10 days from late May to early June with around 220 000 visitors.